oops SOLD No#8


luxurydejavu EDITION No#8

Private Label

100% strong cotton Made in Italy

midi voluminous skirt

elastic waist with an oversized fit that can easily worn around the hips

site-slit concealed pockets

brown, orange and pink zigzag

OS fits it all

Gentle wash at 30 degree or dry clean recommended


unique piece - the fit is relaxed and comfortable thanks to its elastic waist


luxurydejavu says: As you know I love prints and colors. Now I am happy to have found a wonderful print from Italy and I started to design my private EDITION for luxurydejavu. Every skirt is unique. I hope you enjoy the prints and colors as much as I do.


How to wear it: You can wear it up high as a strapless maxi dress (looks great belted) or traditionally at your waist or slung down belong the hips. Please have a look at the details.

luxurydejavu edition 8
250,00 €
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