Dear luxurydejavugirls


please note that there will be only

limited shipping from August 5th to August 15th


Next shipping date will be August 11th


We are happy to receive your order during this period and we will be back with lots of new arrivals 


Have a lovely summer and thank you for your understanding!


Tina for luxurydejavu 




Do not forget:

Every Occasion Has it's Own Outfit

and so step into the world of luxurydejavu & luxurydejavugirl!

Tina for luxurydejavu 






a New Year & a New Energy

with fresh eyes,

with a chic select

of bohemian touch

to you and your soul -

summer is always here and somewhere

and definitely back in 2021.





 We hope YOU and your loved ones

are safe and healthy

during these uncertain times!


We are here for you

and happy to take your order

to get you dressed for your #stayhome 


Thank you for #supportingmysmallbusiness




Mrs P loves to source the prettiest products from all over the world


Mrs P wishes her passion can bring a sparkle and bohemian touch to you and your soul


Mrs P offers carefully curated treasures to shop online


Mrs P loves summer and color 


Mrs P loves you to be unique, yourself and do not take things too seriously and do not forget to play