Daisy Flower Bracelet


luxurydejavu find

Daria Punto 

Flower bracelet with perls


Handmade with love

Made in Italy

OneSize fits every arm and they look fine with every other jewelry

Just pull on 


PLEASE note this sale is final, no return 


Available in different color combinations - we have indicated the color of the Daisy flower and the little perls


luxurydejavu says: I found and choose the jewelry of Rom based designer Daria Punto as I love the style of a cute Daisy Bracelet and of course the colors. The flower rings, flower bracelets are handmade with little perls and crochet. Further, the anklet come with little perls and a small turmaline. The famous anklets with shell are just stunning. They all come in a sachet and look like a candy with a little lego - how cute is that? So be a little daisy and bohemian.

daisy bracelet
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