luxurydejavu EDITION - Pouches


luxurydejavu private label - Handmade in Germany

Limited edition 

Using only the finest materials

Silk and velour Ikat silk

Closed with a zipper

100% silk or velvet silk

Linned inside



size pouch 21x16cm


unique pieces -  We photograph in daylight and make every effort to represent the colors as accurately as possible, nevertheless design and colors can differ a bit due to photo-light - there might be some minor imperfections on the print which is part of the story


luxurydejavu says: One of a kind pouches made of African wax fabric, for sustainable reasons we try to use every little left over of our fabric. Our luxurydejavu private label pouches are the best for traveling. Use them for your mobile devices, pens or whatever you to carry stylish in your handbag.



luxurydejavu pouches
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