oops SOLD POMPOM-tastic Necklace Mario Testino inspired


Necklace with Pom Pom and Perls

Colorful lucky mirror necklace

A mix of wool, perils, shells and brass

Length ca. 53cm

5 x 6 cm


one of a kind


luxurydejavu says: I found this beautiful jewelry during my travel in Asia. It reminds me totally on the pom pom jewelry that Mario Testino has designed for Mate at in 2013. Mate is the photographers´Lima-based charity organization in Peru. I just love these beauties and it makes you feel happy every day while carrying your own little mirror with you. The little bag is open - so you can fill in a little wish or even some money. This is a brilliant GIFT IDEA.

pom pom-tastic mirror necklace
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