Woven Basket - Bird Beige


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Woven Basket

Knotted and woven with the bird motif of Nathalie Lété

Hand Made in Albania

Beige Woven Back

Colorful bird motif embroidery

Dimensions: 30x18x40cm (+ 20 cm with handle)


unique piece in beige - Please note that variation in color or texture is part of the story and inherent to this handmade product


luxurydejavu says: Po! Paris "means, literally,"Yes! Paris"in Albanian. Po! Paris brings together two worlds, weaving collaborations between know-how and inspiration, between the talents of weavers, welders, ironworker and hatters and creative people who have made Paris their place of life. anThe talent of Albanian women for embroidery is freely expressed with the motifs of Nathalie Lété, applied on a wool-woven basis. I love those baskets as a handbag or as a decorative or containing element, storing stuff at home. They are just so stylish and cute. 

woven basket - bird beige
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