SOLD Midnight blue velvet clutch


luxurydejavu find

Midnight blue velvet clutch with neon embroidery stitching

Fold over

Close with 2 magnet buttons

Lined with neon cotton canvas

Unique and handmade piece


Made in Morocco - Marrakech Edition

100% velvet and cotton

Measurement: 31x20cm


unique piece - Please note that variation in color and texture is part of the story and inherent to this handmade product - we photograph in daylight and make every effort to represent the colors as accurately as possible, nevertheless design and colors can differ a bit due to photo-light


luxurydejavu says: I have selected this clutch from a Moroccan young design during one of my travels to Marrakech. I like the simplicity of the style and the color combination. It is just pure and simple. Use it as a clutch or little pouch to pimp up your outfit. 


midnight blue velvet clutch
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