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luxurydejavu EDITION No#375

Vintage INDIGO  Shibori Turquoise Pink Rose

Private Label

100% heavy cotton Made in Africa

Midi colorful cotton skirt

Elastic waist with an oversized fit that can easily worn around the hips

Site-slit concealed pockets

Woven ridges just above the open hem

Indigo, turquoise  and pink rose  print with pink and red embroidery 

Handwoven vintage textile is from Africa, Ivory - Pagne Baoule (woven in long small stripes which were sewn together to create a thick cloth)

Designed & Handmade in Germany


OneSize fits it all (from size S to L depends on the loose fit you like) 

Elastic waistband in blue for comfortable wearing

Length approx.. 94cm

Waist approx.. 39cm

100% heavy cotton 

Model is 176cm 

Gentle wash at 30 degree inside out or dry clean recommended gentle process


unique piece - the fit is relaxed and comfortable thanks to its elastic waist - we photograph in daylight and make every effort to represent the colors as accurately as possible, nevertheless design and colors can differ a bit due to photo-light - there might be some minor imperfections on the print like natural signs for wear and care which is part of the story of these textiles


luxurydejavu says: As you know I love the African prints. A long time ago I had these beautiful jewelry from Made, a collaboration from a London based company with people from Africa. Now I am happy to have found wonderful prints from Africa and I started to design my private EDITION  for luxurydejavu Made in Germany.

Every skirt is unique. I hope you enjoy the prints and colors as much as I do.

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