oops SOLD Mexican Long Huipil


Mexican Huipil Story long

Short-sleeved tunic kaftan dress with all over embroidery

Loosely long cut from cotton-muslin

OneSize, slips on, same fit 

100% cotton

Traditional embroidery work with multi colors and vintage designs

The belt and the bag are stylist own


Every piece is a UNIQUE beauty of garment - one of a kind


luxurydejavu says: Particular for their unique and eye-catching style, loved for its youthful spirit and bohemian appeal - these particular pieces are hart to come by. This one is very SPECIAL because of its all over embroidery and the turquoise color. Handwoven cotton on the traditional back-strap loom, taking months to weave the traditional Amuzgo patterns form the coast of Oaxaca. Presented in a very sophisticated color-way. Please handle them with care as they are delicate.



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