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Vest /gilet by Mul Olga

Natural White

Vest made from raw wool 

Handcrafted on a wooden frame from the 1800s century in the Ukraine

Hand-woven from the highest quality fibres

Washed and beaten in the cold water of the stream

Naturally dyed, raw wool

Slips on, easy to wear

OneSize fits it all

Made in Ukraine and Italy

One-of-a kind pieces

90% wild wool. 10% alpaca

Model is 176cm


Limited edition in different color combinations; some come with a belt, all getting smother the more you wear them and they love to be in the cold :-)) - Made entirely by hand and with love


unique piece - Please note that variation in color or texture is part of the story and inherent to this handmade product - we photograph in daylight and make every effort to represent the colors as accurately as possible, nevertheless design and colors can differ a bit due to photo-light 


luxurydejavu says: I have selected these vests from Mul Olga, sustainable fashion from Milan. I like the idea of the production between Italy and Eastern Europe and the philosophy of "zero use of electricity". The versatile piece can be worn in different ways, for different occasion. Made a statement with this unique, extraordinary piece for the coming autumn and winter. You will love this easygoing piece. Each piece tells a unique story and becomes a modern heirloom. To collect and covet.

mul olga vest natural
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