Guatemalan Huipil Top


Embroidered Huipil Top from Guatemala 

Beautiful traditional authentic Huipil from South America

Striped textile with bright multicolor embroidery design

Short sleeves, round neckline

Onesize fits it all (from size S - L depends on the loose fit you like)

Straight cut

100% strong cotton, woven incredibly finely

Available in red, blue, green and orange 



unique piece - masterpiece


luxurydejavu says: As I love mostly every kind of Mexican and South American embroidery I had to select this wonderful colorful embroidery huipils from Guatemala. I love the colors and the easy fit. Just slip on, mix it colorful or even classic with a blue blazer.... These are very rare to find.

Huipil is the name of the style: you have 3 wholes: 1 for the head and 2 for each arm

guatemala huipil top
240,00 €
  • Only a few available
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