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Mexican Story - Traditional embroidery Oaxaca

Short-sleeved tunic 

Loosely cut from cotton-muslin

Scoop neck

OneSize, slips on, same fit 

100% cotton 

Traditional embroidery work with multi colors and vintage designs

Cold water washing


unique piece - masterpiece, very rare to find - Huipil is the most common traditional garment worn by indigenous women from central Mexico to Central America. It is a loose fitting tunic. Length can vary from a short blouse-like garment or long enough to reach the floor. Huipil is the name for the cut: you have 3 holes: 1 for the head and 2 for each arm


luxurydejavu says: I am happy finding new designs and style of my favorite Mexican tops  - you already know that I love those. Particular for their unique and eye-catching style, loved for its youthful spirit and bohemian appeal - these particular UNIQUE piece are hart to come by. Can be used as top or as a layer for your resort.


Style with

No#236 striped pant



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