oops SOLD Ikat Lamp Shade


Les-Ottoman Ikat lamp shade made by Gamassi

Exclusive x luxurydejavu

Available in small size and medium size

The inside is white


Measurement small size in blue Ikat:

22cm x 26cm x 15cm (3cm)

Measurement medium size in red Ikat or in multicolor Ikat:

25cm x 30cm x 17cm (4,5cm)


Made in Italy

100% Silk


Unique pieces - made to order


luxurydejavu says: I found these wonderful lamp shades in Italy, Sardinia. These lamp shades are made in cooperation with Gamassi, a designer from Sardinia. They are very special, unique and hand made. The edge is finished with a grosgrain in the matching color. Please not that´s because of every piece is hand made and a unique piece there might be some imperfections, which is meant to be part of the story.


The elephant lamp is not for sale.

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Ikat lamp shade
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