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The perfect little gift

Luxurious scented candle - It's a Good day

Every candle is unique and comes in a little jute bag

Hand made with love in Ibiza 

In recycled bottles 

60gr soy wax scented candle

18hrs burning time

Sustainable product


It's a good day - Black tea, teck wood, vanilla


unique pieces - limited stock - every piece is hand made and therefore might have some minor imperfections which is part of the story


luxurydejavu says: I have selected little candles as I like the story behind the process. Inspired by wood and nature those candles come from recycled beer bottles collected all around Ibiza. Each candle sits in a repurposed, unique recycled glas bottle, cut and smoothed down to give it a second life. This makes it a 100% sustainable product. You will love those little ones...and they will shine magic. 

candle it's a good day
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